August 23, 2023

Date: August 17th

A remarkable journey unfolded within the walls of BINA Business Incubator Headquarters, Istanbul, as 80 startups converged from across Turkey. Through days of intense competition, these startups presented their pioneering projects to a panel of expert jurors. Today, we proudly reveal the top 20 startups that have emerged triumphant, recognized for their innovative concepts, strategic business plans, and financial prowess.

But this is just the beginning. These 20 startups were primed by a comprehensive 72-hour training and mentorship program preceding the boot camp. Now, equipped with insights and strategies, they’re set to embark on an exciting acceleration and scale-up journey. The pinnacle awaits – a grand finale where these startups will pitch their projects to potential investors. This event promises to forge partnerships and drive exponential growth.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the startups, esteemed jurors, and dedicated organizers who brought this event to life. This isn’t just the end of a boot camp; it’s a celebration of innovation and aspiration. Stay connected as we witness these startups redefine the entrepreneurial landscape, with BINA Business Incubator fostering their growth every step of the way.

This project (FÜRSA) is funded by Qatar Fund For Development, technically supported by SPARK, and implemented by Qatar Charity قطر الخيرية and #BINA.