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24 Aug, 2023

Rising from the rubble, Muhammad Abdo,

In Syria, few are unscathed by the conflict: countless lives

23 Aug, 2023

BINA’s Startup Boot Camp Unveils Top

Date: August 17th A remarkable journey unfolded within the walls

21 Jul, 2023

BINA Invests in PaketMan App!

We are pleased to announce an important occasion that represents

20 May, 2023

Bridge Global Program Sets Sail With

Today, 20th of  May,  we held the first training session

26 Jan, 2023

Graduation Ceremony for ILM Graduates

Tuesday 24th January- Finally, the 4th Edition of the NEMA

13 Jan, 2023

BINA to Establish Business Incubator for

As entrepreneurs are considered to be the drive of the