November 3, 2023

The BINA Libya Entrepreneurship Incubator signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at the University of Tripoli. The MoU is to enhance cooperation and form a strategic partnership to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge and achieve the goals of sustainable development.

The MoU was signed on Tuesday by the Chairman of the Bina Libya, Arwa Al-Arnaout, and Abdul Rahman Hassan, Head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at the University.

Commenting exclusively to Libya Herald on the signing of the MoU, Arwa Al-Arnaout said that in its quest to achieve the goals for which it was established, Bina has been constantly strengthening partnerships and cooperation with many local and international bodies and institutions, most of which culminated in the signing of several memorandums of understanding and agreements that resulted in dozens of activities and programmes.

She emphasized the continuity of the Bina Programme in starting efforts towards strengthening partnerships and obtaining more opportunities for cooperation in the field of developing and supporting entrepreneurs who own small and medium enterprises.

BINA seeking MoU’s with several Libyan partners
Al-Arnaout said her organization endeavours to sign several memoranda with business development centres and incubators in various Libyan universities and specialized technical and vocational colleges. These aim to train a larger number of owners of creative ideas and small and emerging projects to contribute to building an economy that serves the individual and raises the level of his income and contributes to the well-being of society. This, in turn, diversifies sources of income and reduces dependence on the public sector, while achieving the goal of encouraging innovation and embracing innovators.