April 29, 2024

Launching a virtual business incubator to empower agricultural entrepreneurs in the Arab world”

In a major step towards enhancing innovation in the agricultural sector, the “BINA” incubator announces in partnership with the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
About launching a new virtual business incubator specified to agricultural technologies.

This ambitious project not only aims to support young entrepreneurs and startups,
It also seeks to build the capabilities of 25 business mentors from Arab countries to strengthen incubators in the region.

The initiative comes under the title:

Launching a virtual business incubator in the field of agricultural technologies
And building the capabilities of 25 business mentors from Arab countries

It intends to provide training, guidance, and technical support to let these projects successful.

This initiative constitutes the beginning of a series of competitions to be launched in all Arab countries to enhance the spirit of innovation and leadership in agriculture.

We expect that this incubator will open new opportunities for agricultural development and encourage the use of modern technologies that contribute to improving productivity and sustainability.

This step represents part of a broader strategy to promote the agricultural sector in the Arab world, which promises a more prosperous and sustainable future for our societies and nations.