October 3, 2023

Istanbul, Turkey – The NEMA 4 Entrepreneurs Competition/FURSA reached its exciting climax on September 30th with a grand ceremony hosted at the Bina Business Incubator headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. This spectacular event garnered substantial attention from sponsors, investors, and renowned international experts, marking a significant milestone in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

In a riveting culmination of months of hard work and determination, the ceremony celebrated the top 20 startups that had exhibited exceptional promise and potential. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the announcement of the winners, who walked away with vital seed funding to fuel their entrepreneurial journeys.

Abdüllatif Babelly (Prifa Coffee)  emerged as the triumphant 1st winner, securing a substantial prize of 60,000 Turkish Lira. The 2nd winner, Muhammed Adiloğlu (RoboNexus), received 50,000 TL, and the 3rd winner, Hadi Mardini (DoorsVision) , received 30,000 TL. Their groundbreaking ideas and innovative ventures captured the imagination of the competition’s judges and sponsors.

The success of this event owes much to the generous support and commitment of our sponsors, who recognize the pivotal role startups play in driving innovation and stimulating economic growth. The dedication and guidance provided by mentors and coaches were also acknowledged, underscoring the collaborative spirit that fueled the competition’s triumph.

The NEMA 4 Entrepreneurs Competition/FURSA program is made possible through funding from the Qatar Fund for Development, with technical support from Spark. Its successful implementation is a result of the combined efforts of Qatar Charity and BINA. This program continues to stand as a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and propelling groundbreaking ideas to the forefront of the business world.