November 30, 2022

BINA in partnership with 24 Portfoy (Real Estate Investment Funds and Venture Capital Funds Management Company) convened a consultation meeting on Tuesday, November 30, at the BINA Headquarters in Istanbul, with a group of businessmen and investors interested in entrepreneurial projects to seek their input on “NEMA FUND” that is designed to facilitate access to finance for startups and SMEs in Turkey.

During the meeting BINA’s Director General Mr. Mustafa Elsagezli, demonstrated on how the goals and key objectives of establishing NEMA FUND are in line with BINA’s vision of supporting SMEs and start-ups through matching them up with investors and funding institutions, and how NEMA Fund presents effective investment and profit for investors.

On the other hand Mr. Fevzi Zakiroglu, General Manager of 24 Real Estate Company, made a presentation on the fund governance policies, requirements for its establishment, as well as the types and features of investment funds.

The call for expression of interest and more other details to be made public soon.

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