BINA Signs agreement with French NGO Super Novae

On Thursday 4 January, 2022, BINA Libya signed a partnership agreement with French NGO Super-Novae to work in collaboration on Libya Startup Project to support Gharian University Incubator, at the BINA Incubator HQ’s in Tripoli, Libya. The signing ceremony was attended by the Director of the Gharian University Business Center, Dr. Abdulaziz Boudhina and representatives from both BINA and Super-Novae.

The overall aim of this agreement is to improve the capacity of Gharyan University Incubator, so as to support entrepreneurs and SMEs and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In addition to holding training workshops for 25 faculty members to equip them with mentoring skills to train and mentor entrepreneurs.

The project will also lead to the launch of entrepreneurs competitions in the university and the Western Mountain region whereby 100 teams will be offered training and incubation programs in order to develop their projects and help them obtain funds from  funding institutions such as banks and private support agencies.

As reported in LibyaHerald “ Raif Wafa, Supernovae Coordinator in Libya said, “Thanks to our partnership with the Bina Programme, we will work together to improve the capacity of the Gharian University Incubator to support entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies, and to enhance the entrepreneurial environment.

The Libya Startup project is a project that supports the Libyan entrepreneurial environment through training and guidance, in addition to strengthening the capabilities of entrepreneurs in Libya. The Libya Startup project is a project funded by the European Union in Libya and implemented by Supernovae in partnership with Spark”.

For her part, Ghada Arhouma, Project Manager of the Bina Libya Programme, confirmed that the aim of this agreement is to support the business incubator of Gharian University. This will train a number of entrepreneurship training consultants hold a competition at the level of the Western Mountain, the target of which will be 100 project ideas, in order to launch the targeted projects”.

Super Novae is an international non-profit organization specialized on youth empowerment in conflict-affected countries.

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